Touring Before the
2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 5: July 16th

We stayed the night at the Lord Mayor's Own (York) Scout Group's Scout Hut, thanks once again to the hospitality of group leader Arthur Benson. They'd even saved the name badge I'd lost in 1998 - thanks!
First thing in the morning we walked the few blocks into York, still my favorite place in all England. With its nearly complete city wall surrounding half-timbered houses lining narrow, winding streets ("gates"), York is just what you expect a medieval city to look like. 

We were first in line at the Yorvik Viking Centre, and took the Time Cars back in time to the Viking village buried under the streets of "modern" York. There was a special exhibit called "Bonebreaker", showing a dozen skeletons found in York, and detailing the horrific wounds which killed them. A gory tale, indeed, and right up the Scouts' alley.  

Rob in the Shambles - York's old butcher's section, now all tourist shops

Jim in the Stocks at the York Dungeon

From the Yorvik Centre we went over to the York Dungeon for an hour's tour of disease and torture through the ages. The "rat torture" was a favorite, where a rat is placed in a cage on the victim's chest, and encouraged to eat its way out (ecch). A spaghetti lunch next door was just the ticket after that. 

Then, a climb up to the top of York Minster, largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, and back on the road to Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Scout Hall of the 150th & 133rd Haymarket Scout Group near the Zoo. 

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