2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Atholantics

The last day of the Jamborette opens with the Atholantics - a huge inter-clan competition. The subcamp Uncles lead their subcamps onto the field, and the games are on...
Master of Ceremonies Bob Moyes keeps everything moving along

Camp Chief John Kennedy 
and the Subcamp Uncles
The Scouts race to collect materials...

Building a tower from bread trays

Collecting staff "Sheep"

"Surf the Serf" across the field

"Marathon" - toss the ball into a target before
the bungee tosses you...

Water Balloon Catch

Activity Staff Gillian Norrie and 
Pat Elrick keep score

Obstacle Course

Six-way Tug of War

Final Score - in alphabetical order!
The 2000 Atholantics ended with not one, but two dances - a Rhumba led by the Gibraltar Scouts (right, next row up - Uncle Bruce and Camp Chief John Kennedy do the Rhumba) and a line dance led by the Canadians (right, this row)

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