2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Camp

The Jamborette camp is organized in six subcamps, named after families which were prominent in the Atholl area - MacDonald, MacLean, Morrison, Murray, Robertson and Stewart. The subcamps are laid out in circles, with each merged Scottish/international patrol occupying a radial segment of the rim, with several patrol-sized tents, tables, raised cooking fire and shelter. The center of each circle is used for campfires, assemblies and so on.  

Common areas surround the subcamps - Reception, First Aid and Quartermaster's tents, the games fields, campfire slope (from which the picture above was taken), Hill (climbing wall) and the Kross - a huge (200 foot plus) cross-shaped tent housing a post office, bank, cafe, and Scout Shop, as well as the Activity Office and various daily activities. 

Click here for a map of the camp

Flag Break - every day opened with a moment of silence as the flag was raised.

 MacLean subcamp and Uncle Bruce at morning announcements.

Baden Powell Council Scouts at Castle

A game in the subcamps - "The Blob"

Another game - "Snake in the Grass"

Matt in camp

Austrian Scouts in claret red shirts. 

One night, the staff "cousins" eat dinner at the subcamps, prepared by the Scouts. 
Scouts from Denmark

Forth Valley - USA

Chuck and a Forth Valley Scout in Camp

Scottish Scouts

A view of camp from the campfire slope.
Mexican Scout at the Castle Shop.

Gibraltar Sea Scout

Hong Kong Scouts

Japanese Scouts

The Kross Kafe Krew

The phone line ("queue")
Polish leaders
Norwegian Scouts wait for the Castle Tour

Every day ended with flag down...

The Kross at night - 11:30 and the sky's still light!

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