2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Country Fair

On Saturday, the 25th of July, the camp organized for the "Country Fair". Each contingent had a booth at which it could present a game, craft or food which represented its area. Because it was a Saturday, we had a huge crowd - not just the Scouts from the Jamborette, but also younger Scouts from the Satellite Camp across the Castle road, and hundreds of visitors. 

Each contingent is given a handful of "Atholls", the local currency which has no exchange rate except to be traded in at each booth for the wares provided by that contingent. Half of each contingent were given the Atholls to spend, and the other half manned the booth. After a while they switched, and the first group got to spend the Atholls they earned. Periodically a Tax Collector came around to collect excess Atholls and prevent hoarding. Predictably, the fair ended with hyperinflation, as the Atholls became essentially worthless for the next two years. We had beautiful weather for the day, and a Good Time was had by all. 

Austrian Wiener Heurigen
An herbal soda, sort of...


Japanese sashimi
or is it sushi? 
Good, either way.

Scottish food...
Not sure what it was. Tasty, though.

Norwegian Cheese

Polish Soup
Marcin Madzia with ladle

Russian Pancakes

Scottish Food - Deeside area

Panning for Gold
USA-Santa Clara imported the gold, stream, pans and all! 

Rock Flinging game

As in '96 and '98, the Baden-Powell contingent showed visitors how to make Dream Catchers from locally-acquired twigs and string, beads, leather thongs and feathers brought with us from the States. Basically, they're a round or fish-shaped frame, with a spider web of threads inside, ornamented with whatever strikes your fancy. The idea is to hang them over your bed to catch the bad dreams. Dream Catchers were made by many Indian tribes, but the Oneidas of upstate New York claim to have invented them, so it's appropriate for us to bring them to Scotland. 

Dreamcatcher lessons
USA-Baden Powell group 

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