2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The coach dropped us off on the Castle Drive, just outside Target Field, and our Scouts disappeared into their subcamps to meet their patrol mates. We leaders checked in, got our badges, neckies and sweatshirts, and went off to our assigned areas as well - Ed to the Atholl Experience (more on that, later), Mark and Tony to subcamps, and I went up to Blair Castle with Pat Reilly to see what had changed in the past two years. After dinner, it was time for the Opening Show and campfires to kick off the Jamborette...
The subcamps filed into the area by the camp gate, and a line of patrol leaders raised the flags of the 18 countries represented at the Jamborette.

Camp Chief John Kennedy welcomed the group, and formally opened the camp.Each of the subcamps did their cheers for the first time, but not the last....

The entertainment began with a performance by MacUmba, a group which can only be described as "Afro-Caribbean Celtic" - steel drums, gourds, tambourines - and bagpipes. Only at Blair Atholl can you listen to that kind of music and watch four Austrian leaders in Lederhosen dance a Polka at the same time. 
As weird as it sounds to describe, MacUmba is actually very good, and the Scouts enjoyed the show. I bought their CD, because I couldn't imagine anyone believing me, otherwise.

The Opening Show ended as the Subcamp Uncles lit torches, and led the Scouts back to their subcamps for individual campfires. 

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