2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Shows, Campfires, etc. - 1
Saturday Campfire, Sunday Scout's Own

Our first full-camp campfire was held on Saturday night. The subcamps filed onto the Campfire Slope, and, under the direction of MC Bob Moyes, gave their cheers once again - much better than at the opening show. Various staffers led songs and yells, and the entire camp got involved - even the Uncles came forward to lead the motions in a nonsense song.

Bob Moyes leads the group.

Subcamp Cheerleaders

Andrew Woodrow - "don't forget the sheep"

The Uncles go through the motions...

Sharkey - "Ain't that Funky??!"
Sunday's morning activity was a Scout's Own Service, held on the lawn outside the Castle. The entire camp was led down the Castle Drive by a pipe and drum band. 

Lined up on the Castle Lawn, the camp began the Scouts' Own with songs and prayer. 

Scouts on bicycles brought in the pieces of a puzzle, forming a Jamborette patch.

Five of the Scouts represented the fingers of a hand, which must work together to form a whole. Rob, from our contingent, represented the middle finger, which somehow didn't surprise any of us...

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