2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Shows, Campfires, etc. - 2
Burns Supper, Ceilidh, International Night

The Camp celebrates Scotland's Poet Robert Burns with a Burns Supper, in which a haggis is ceremoniously piped in to the Staff Mess and the subcamps. Burns' "Ode to a Haggis" is recited, and the haggis is sliced and served with Bashed Neeps and Tatties (turnips and potatoes on this side of the Pond). 

Although a list of ingredients seems offputting (liver, lungs and esophagus with oatmeal and vegetables cooked in a sheep's stomach), Haggis is quite good, in my opinion. The Scouts' opinion in general seemed to amount to "not as bad as I'd feared". Oh well, more for me. I had three helpings.  

The Scouts had a traditional Ceilidh ("Kay-lee") one night in the Kross. It seemed that the American Scouts were the most reluctant to dance, but eventually they were drawn in. At right, Jim from our contingent is in the red t-shirt. 

The Scouts provided some entertainment, too, at International Nights in the Staff Club and the Kross. The pictures below are of some of the contingents performing in the Staff Club. The Austrians drew many of the staff into their dance, including me. 

Canadian Scouts from British Columbia 
demonstrating a line dance

Gibraltar Scouts doing the Rumba

A Swedish Scout does a song 
- and very well, indeed.

Russian Scout Chorus

Scottish Scouts play the bagpipes.

Dutch Scouts in a clog dance.

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