2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Jamborette Staff

As at the previous Jamborettes I'd attended, I can't say enough about the quality and attitude of the Staff at the 2000 Jamborette. Everyone was great, and the Scots made it a point to welcome us and incorporate all of the overseas staff into the group. Somehow, everything just seemed to work out, again, and all of the staff quickly integrated into a team. 

I should mention the behind-the-scenes folks who didn't make it into the pictures, precisely because their work is behind the scenes - the quartermaster and mess hall staff, medical staff, and physical arrangements folks - those who set up camp, keep the food on the table and the portaloos pumped and generally make everything go. "Thanks" to all of you. 

The Activity Office Staff

Baldrick the Garden Gnome at the fountain in the Staff Club. 

The center of staff activities is the Staff Club. There's always a cup of hot tea and a biscuit (cookie) available, and most of the staff wind up there in the evening for a game or show or dance, followed by a Staff Supper.

You never know who'll show up at the Staff Club - Wendy Anderson with the Queen Mum at a Strawberry Tea.

John Grim with "Special Guests" at the Staff Club

David Woodrow 
and John Paul Grady
at dinner in MacLean subcamp

Chief Scout George Purdy
with B-P Council Patch

Gillian Norrie 
and Kirstie Strachan

John Grim with campfire blanket

"Uncle Frank" Fotheringham
and David Wynne

Castle tour guides at castle cafe (L-R):
Pat Reilley, Tony Eberwein, 
John Paul Grady, John Hellier, 
Liz Murray 

A Canadian leader and
Activity Chairman Stuart Imrie
do the Rumba

Ronnie Bains at the Staff 
Burns Supper

The Burns Supper at the Staff Mess

Washing up after dinner.

The Brownsea Island Patrol Reunion at Blair Atholl 2000
Mike Uchimiya (Japan), Michel Presseau (Quebec), Wayne Saillard (Malta),
David Wynne (Ireland), John Grim (USA-NY) and me (Mike Brown)

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