2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette
Touring - Day 2 - July 10th

St. Paul's Cathedral across the Thames, photo taken from 
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre plaza.

Our second day in London dawned gray and cloudy, as we headed down into the Underground for the ride to the Tower. Our Scouts quickly discovered a British Tabloid, left behind by another passenger, and were introduced to the Page Three Girl. 
(left, Evan, Nate, Chris and The Star)
The Tower of London is a "must see", of course, and we spent the morning happily touring the castle complex. One group's Yeoman Warder tour was cut short by a downpour, but we all saw the major sights. The new exhibits of arms and armour in the White Tower were quite impressive, and the Crown Jewels were as spectacular as always.  
Above: our Beefeater guide demonstrates the fine points of beheading. 

Right: Moses, Tim, and friend at the Tower giftshop.

The group outside the War Museum, with Naval Guns. 
The afternoon was spent at the Imperial War Museum, in the former St. Bethlehem ("Bedlam") mental hospital south of the Thames. The exhibits were excellent, as might be expected. One of the Scouts and I went to the new Holocaust exhibit on the top floor, and met a survivor of Auschwitz explaining the scale model of the camp - chilling. 
Matt and James with WWI Trench Periscope
We ended the day as "groundlings" at a great performance of "Twelfth Night" at the Globe Theatre. The play had an all-male cast, in true Elizabethan style, and how can you beat being close enough to lean on the stage?  

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