2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette
Touring - Day 3 - July 11th
Stonehenge - Oxford

Our minibuses were delivered to Baden-Powell house early on the 11th, and we were off to Stonehenge. David, our "instant expert" for the morning, had handouts for everyone. We walked around the ancient monument with audio wands explaining how the henge was built, and it was as impressive as ever. . 
Lunchtime found us still at Stonehenge, so we got sandwiches at the food counter and ate overlooking Salisbury Plain. The wind was strong enough to blow the bread away if you weren't careful, and the birds were ready to pounce. 

Left: A stonehenge bird. 

Below: the Radcliffe Camera

From Stonehenge it was a short drive north to the ancient university city of Oxford, home to scholars, clerics and Inspector Morse. We started with a ride through history in a scholar's desk at the Oxford Story. Then, up the street to Blackwell's Books (top, left). It looks tiny, but extends underground underneath the entire block, for a floor area of over 100,000 square feet. 


Oxford is a beautiful city, with its university buildings and churches made of a honey-colored stone. Unlike American universities, there is no campus in Oxford or, by our standards, really any "university" as such. Instead, the many colleges at Oxford are throughout the city, each with its own classroom buildings, housing, and so on. 

(left, Turl Street)

We finished the day with dinner at a Pizza Express located in the refrectory of a 13th century monastery. Those monks ate well, I must say. 

After dinner, we drove a few miles out of Oxford to Horley Scout Camp for the night. 

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