2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette
Touring Day 6 - July 14th

York Minster - largest Gothic Cathedral north of the Alps

The scout hall is just outside the city walls, so it was a short walk Sunday morning into Bootham Bar and the medieval city of York, England. After breakfast, we saw the Jorvik Viking Centre. It's been extensively redone since our last visit in 2000, with the Time Cars replaced by tram cars suspended from overhead. That allowed a more accurate reproduction of the Viking village of Jorvik, with each reconstructed hut and street in the same spot as the original from nearly 1000 years ago. The odors have been redone, too - the Viking latrine smelled quite fresh, thanks. 

The York Dungeon was a big hit with the Scouts. The Rat Torture (left) has been upgraded with sound, no less. Brilliant. 

Zach and Evan were our experts for the day at York Minster. For the first time since our first trip, we were able to tour the cathedral. The Scouts climbed to the top of the central tower, while I took pictures below. 

The Scouts hit all the gift shops on the Shambles. 

Above, Tim and the World's Biggest Gum Ball. 

Late afternoon, and time to leave York. We headed North on the A1 motorway, and within a few hours (with a stop for the slowest fast food ever in a motorway rest stop Wimpy's) we were in Scotland. 

By 9:30 PM, we were in Edinburgh at the Scout Hall of the 133rd and 150th Haymarket Scout Groups. 

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