2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette
Touring Day 7 - July 15th
Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Our last day of touring was spent on the "Royal Mile" in Edinburgh. While Tony and I returned the minibuses, the rest of the group toured the Castle, and we all met up on the Esplanade in time for lunch. 

Afterward, we enjoyed the optical exhibits at the Camera Obscura, and got a virtual tour of the city through the Victorian periscope arrangement (at right).  

Left: "Thistle do Nicely"

Right: Tyler in his "See You Jimmy" hat

Far left: David and Moses with Star Trek memorabilia at the Museum of Childhood.

Left: Tim and James at Greyfriars Bobby's grave

At the bottom of the Royal Mile is Holyroodhouse Palace, the queen's residence when she's in Edinburgh. 

Right: James introduces the Scouts to the palace.

Far right: Tyler tries a sarcophagus on for size at Holyrood Abbey

Several of the Scouts bought practice bagpipes in the shops on the Mile. They tried them out when we got home to the Scout Hall in the evening - I'm not sure, but I think the tune was "Scotland the Nauseated". 

One more night in the Scout Hall, then off to the Jamborette!

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