Baden-Powell Council Scouts 
at the
2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The 2002 Jamborette is over, and it was as good as the earlier ones (if a bit damper than most - 1998 excepted). Our trip was tremendous fun, and it's great to be home again. 

L-R Front Row: Tyler, Parth, James, Max, Evan, Matt, Mike Brown
Back Row: Nate, Chris, Tim, Zach, Moses, Tom MacNamara, 
David, Tony Cosgrave, Mark Wright

We left the US on Monday, July 8, 2002, and returned on Tuesday, July 30th. We toured for a full week,  including London, Stonehenge, OxfordBritish Heritage Motor Centre, Ironbridge Gorge, North Wales, York and Edinburgh, followed by ten days at the Jamborette and afterward, home visitation for the Scouts and touring for the leaders.

I took nearly 1,800 pictures, and this site will show a selection of them. The official Blair Atholl website has many pictures (including a few of mine), and you can find links to other pages with pictures on the Links Page

If you have any questions, please contact me

Mike Brown, Contingent Leader

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