Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2002 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Jamborette Gallery 1

Evening Flagdown Ceremony

Ann McLaren and Sean

Atholantics - Balloon catch

Country Fair - Dutch Scouts

Bob Moyes at the Staff Club

After the Bothy Hike

Hiking to the Bothy

Campfire at Robertson Subcamp

Burns Supper - Ode to Haggis

BSA-Maryland with Camp Chief


Climbing Wall


View from flag row above camp

Uncle Sandy at campfire

Scouts at Blair Castle

Blair Castle and camp at night

Keltic Konnection in the Kross

Scouts at Blair Castle

Closing Campfire

Candle lighting ceremony 
at the Closing Campfire

Uncle Bruce at campfire

Atholantics - collecting "Sheep"

Self-defense activity

Singing in the Staff Club

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