Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 2 - Cambridge

Day two - our London Day Trip to Cambridge. We rode the train from Sydenham Hill to King's Cross, then caught the inter-city train to Cambridge. At Cambridge, we took the bus to the Imperial War Museum Duxford, about ten miles south of Cambridge.  

Vulcan supersonic bomber

The Duxford facility was amazing - many hangars full of aircraft, most in flying condition, plus dozens more parked outside. The American Air Museum had a large collection of American craft, from WWI to an SR71 Blackbird. 

Right: Beans, chips and sausage -
the classic British lunch

From Duxford, we took the bus back to Cambridge, and met our guide at the Guildhall for a walking tour of the University City. We walked past ancient and famous college buildings, including the Rutherford Physics Labs and the Eagle Pub where the structure of DNA was worked out. 
The Backs at Cambridge are the beautifully kept lawns which slope down from the colleges to the River Cam. 

Below left: St. Benet's belfry - the oldest church in Cambridge. Our guide explained about "Ringing the Changes"
Below, right: Statue of Henry VIII above the gate of Trinity College - yes, that's a chair leg he's holding.

 Punting on the Cam.

The home page of this website shows the group underneath the "Platform 9 3/4" sign at King's Cross Station, a nod to Harry Potter fans. Actually, the movie showed platform 5 and 6, not 9 and 10, which are in a newer part of the station. 

When we arrived back at Victoria Station that night, there was a steam train on the platform next to ours (left). 

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