Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 3 - London and Greenwich

Our third day of the trip, and our second in London. We started out with our first real British Breakfast at Tower Hill - left Matt and David inspecting the "mega-breakfast": chips, sausage, egg, beans. Erm... yummy?

Our Beefeater Tour of the Tower of London: As usual, the Yeoman Warder was a great storyteller, and the tour was very enjoyable. This time around, we had the only Beefeater who was from the Navy - a retired Royal Marine. 

Right: Guard at the Crown Jewels

John and Henry VIII's Armor

Sean and David at the Tower Gift Shop

After the Tower, the group went off down the Thames by boat to Greenwich, where they saw the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory. Jerry, Charlie and I took the train to King's Cross, where we found that the ham radio hand-held I had lost on the Cambridge train was at the Lost and Found (a major miracle), and then went on to pick up our rental cars at Heathrow. After a two-hour drive which is best left undescribed, we took the train back into London and met the group at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

St. Paul's from the Millenium Bridge

The Globe from the Millenium Bridge

Inside the Globe

We had Groundling tickets - leaning on the stage
The performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Globe was great, although standing for three or four hours was a bit wearying. As we left the Globe, St. Paul's was on view across the Thames. 

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