Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 4 - Southern England

We got an early start in our three rental Kia Sephia minivans - and two out of three promptly got lost. Charlie and Pete's van followed the instructions I'd typed up, while I got confused and wound up going the wrong way on the South Circular, with Jerry following close behind me. Eventually, we all met up at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu (pronounced "Byoolee"), near Southampton. We got a guided tour by the Education Director of the museum, and then everyone split up to look at the collection. 

Above: The group with the "Outspan Orange" - advertising a soda, the car is based on the Mini
Below, left:
Charlie and the MG midget
Below, right: Spencer, Tyler and our guide with "Bluebird", world record holding jet car

Our next stop was Salisbury, and a tour of the beautiful Cathedral. Unlike most cathedrals, Salisbury was built all at once, rather than section by section over a period of centuries, so that the entire building is in one style.  

Stonehenge is just a short drive outside Salisbury. We all got audio wands and circled the ancient monument on the path. 

The nave of Salisbury Cathedral

Stalls in the Quire

Leaving Stonehenge, we headed north and west toward Wales. Very late that night, we met our host Barry Angus at the Penarth Tesco's, and he led us to the District Scout Hall for the night. "Thanks again", Barry, and congratulations on your Silver Wolf award!

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