Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 5 - South Wales

Sean and Matt at the Big Pit

The path to Caerphilly Castle

Ryan and the Castle

Our day started with the short drive from Penarth to Caerphilly Castle. Caerphilly is one of the largest castles in Britain, and remarkably restored within its curtain walls and moat. The rain held off until the end of our stay, and we had the pleasure of hearing a youth choir's performance echoing off the walls. 

Tyler and David at the Castle gate

Mark and the Ballista

Scouts at the Castle walls - note the hoarding hanging off the top the wall

After lunch at the Caerphilly Wimpy's, we drove northeast to Blaenarvon and the Big Pit Mining Museum. The Scouts were kitted out with helmets and headlamps, and we went 300 feet down the shaft with a Welsh miner for our tour of the coal mine.

John in miner's hat

Mark - self portrait with winding wheel

The Big Pit Mine

On our way in, we got a note that one of the Scouts had left his passport at Caerphilly (a big "thank you" to the gift shop staff there who remembered I'd told them where we were going). So, after the mine, we retraced our steps to pick up the passport and take the motorway to York. Our path back to the motorway was a bit longer than we'd expected - Pete's computer mapping program showed an entrance where there was none, so we followed a few very narrow "B" roads to the next junction. At one point the road became one lane (two-way) with both side mirrors on the cars in the bordering hedges. 

Late that night, we rolled into York, and once again met Arthur Benson at the Lord Mayor's Own (York) Scout Group's Hall. The Scouts were dropped off, and Jerry, Charlie and I dropped the cars at the Railway Station and walked back to the Hall. 

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