Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 6 - York

On line at the York Dungeon

The Scout Hall is just outside the city walls of York, my favorite city in all England. We woke at a civilized hour and walked through the Bootham Bar onto High Petergate in the City. (Note on terminology: in York, the streets are "gates", the gates are "bars", and the bars are "pubs".) Breakfast at the most subdued McDonalds I've ever seen, then to the Yorvik Viking Centre for a ride through Viking York, complete with sights and smells. 

The Lord Mayor's Own (York) Scout Hall

York's City Wall, and one of the ubiquitous red phone boxes

High Petergate

Bootham Bar

Yorvik Viking Centre
above: a Viking Trader
below: a Viking skeleton, showing sword cuts

The ever-popular Rat Torture

You said it, I didn't...

From Yorvik, it's only a short walk to the York Dungeon, with its graphic depictions of torture, death and disease through the years. It seems to get a bit cheesier each time I visit - this year, they added vampires and Vlad the Impaler. Last I looked, Vlad had never been within a thousand miles of York, but never mind. The shirt from the shop sums it up. 

A great lunch at the Italian restaurant next door, and the Scouts headed off to climb York Minster and visit the Shambles. 

That's McDonalds on the left,
believe it or not.

York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral north of the Alps, and the climb to the top leads to spectacular views. Having been up there more times than my knees can now afford, Jerry and I let the Scouts climb while we sorted out the train tickets. I took pictures of gargoyles while we waited for the Scouts to reassemble. 

From the Minster, we walked back to the Scout Hall, picked up our gear and (left) walked down Longmont Terrace to the River Ouse. 
There's a foot- and rail-bridge over the Ouse right at the foot of Longmont Terrace, and we packed our gear over it to the York Station to take the train to Edinburgh.

By that evening, we were in another Scout Hall - this one in Costorphine, a suburb of Edinburgh.

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