Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 7  - Edinburgh

Victorian High Tech - the Camera Obscura

The Group on Princes Street, with Edinburgh Castle on the ridge behind them

Pete and I took the Scouts into Edinburgh by bus, while Jerry and Charlie dropped our wash off at a laundrette. We were just leaving the Burger King on Princes Street when they arrived by bus, and the group was together for our tour of Edinburgh Castle. 

On tour of Edinburgh Castle

The Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle

Sean and the Castle tour guide

After our tour of the Castle we went through the Camera Obscura (picture at top of page) - an interesting example of Victorian technology, the Camera uses a periscope to project an image of Edinburgh on a tabletop. The operator gave a verbal tour of the city while moving the lens, and showed how he could make the people on the Royal Mile climb up an index card before he swatted them. 

Pete and Tyler on the observation deck at the Camera Obscura

After lunch we walked down the Royal Mile to North Bridge - the Scouts visited every gift shop along the way. We saw the Museum of Childhood, then walked over to the new Museum of Scotland and Greyfriars Bobby's grave before returning to the Scout Hall for a fish and chips dinner. 

Ryan and Matt in the Museum of Childhood with model trains

Tyler and Taylor with Space Invaders game at the Museum of Childhood

Taylor and John with artifacts belonging to Bonnie Prince Charlie
 in the Museum of Scotland

Mark with gramophone in the 
Museum of Scotland

Tyler at Greyfriars Bobby's Grave

And so ended our week's touring - the next morning, it was on the coach and off to Blair Atholl and the Jamborette...

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