Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 2 - Camp Views and Daily Activities

Morning Formation at MacDonald Subcamp

Morning Inspection

Scouts on the Castle Road
Coming home from the Chip Shop

"Auntie Mo"

The camp at sunset - 11:30 PM

Camp Main Gate (above)
Overlooking the Camp (below)

Morning Flag Raising of International Flags

Morning Flag Up

The Camp and the Castle

Football ("Soccer" to Americans)

Football ("Soccer" to Americans)

John and Jason in camp

Kross Kafe - snack bar in the Kross

The Kross - the tent is 200' across,
and houses the bank, post office, cafe,
Scout shop and activities office

Auntie Mo and Scouts

Morning Formation

Morning Formation at MacDonald

Morrison Subcamp gateway

Murray Subcamp gateway

Post Office in the Cross

Satellite Camp - set up
for younger Scouts on the weekend

MacLean Subcamp 

Singapore and Canadian Scouts

Danish Scouts

Canadian Scouts

Irish Scouts

Gateway to Stewart Subcamp

Tyler and Jason in Scottish uniform

St. Bride's Kirk in Old Blair

Graveyard at Blair Atholl churchyard

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