Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 4

Athollantics - Campwide Games

Tug of War, with truck (or is it a lorry?)

John, Taylor and Tyler, among others

Obstacle course

Obstacle Course - Matt

Tent Peg relay race

Tire Tube relay

They're number one!

Sean - football relay

Look at the score!

Patrol Ski race

Wheelbarrow race

Hill Slide...

... and more hill slide

Tug of War, with lorry (truck?)

Football relay


Under the hill slide

A real tug of war

Tire Tube Relay

Throw the Welly

The Chief and Uncles Observe

The Winners, and...

...the Final Score

The Country Fair

Austrian Scouts with Pancakes

American Scouts - branding irons

Canadian Line Dancing - with a young volunteer from the audience.


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