Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Picture Gallery - 5

Country Fair

Cheese, Grommit!

Anyone for golf?

B-P Council Scouts teaching ...

... how to make Dreamcatchers

Face molding
Face Painting (Canadian, presumably)

American Scouts grilling marshmallows...

...and barbequed chicken

Japanese Tempura...

... and Scottish Haggis

The Canadians brought a tap for Maple Syrup - didn't think it worked without the rest of the tree, but there you are...

Irish Scouts - no potato famine here!

Japanese Scouts singing...

... and dancing

Maryland Scouts - Crab Soup

Scottish Shortbread

Norwegian Biscuits

Russians singing...

...and dancing...

...and singing some more.

Scottish Dancer

Scottish Piper

Scottish Sword Dancers

Shows and Entertainment

Austrian Dancers

Canadian Line Dancing

The Great Trashcan Band
from Connecticut

Dutch Dancing...

... and a Gibraltar Rhumba

"The Cremation of Sam McGee"

Polish Singers

Scottish Fiddler

Russian Singers

South African Skit


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