Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2004 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6


The Camp Chief and the Subcamp Uncles

Ann MacLaren

Subcamp Campfire

"Uncle Bruce" leads MacLean campfire

Bob Moyes leading campfire

Scouts performing at Robertson Subcamp

"Uncle Bruce" again

Camp Chief John Kennedy

"Wee Col"

Marcin Madzia from Poland
"Nie Mow Nits"

Parade to Sunday's Scouts' Own

The Jamborette Staff
without whom, it couldn't happen at all...

Camp Chief John Kennedy addresses the staff in the Castle Ballroom 
at the Camp Chief's Reception ending the Jamborette

Scottish Staff - and Pete

BSA Florida leaders

Piping in the Haggis for the Burns Supper

The Head Table at the Burns Supper

Jerry and Charlie meet Haggis

"Ode to a Haggis"

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - and good!

Callum and Scottish National Commissioner

Chief Scout George Purdy

John Grimm (BSA-Connecticut) 
and Pat Reilly (BSA-Utah)

Evening break in Staff Row

Steve Gamewell (BSA-Florida) 
and Scotty Beaton (Canada)

Mike Uchimiya (Japan) and
Judy Johnson (BSA-Florida)

Activities Chairman Stuart Imrie

Site Services - they keep everything working

Bob McIntyre - webmaster

"Naked Chef" at the Staff Club

Singapore leaders

Staff Club staff

Christmas in the Staff Club

Staff Club quizmaster - Ken Harris

Half of our team in the quiz - 
two stuffed bears and Charlie

The Staff queues up for tea

Serving line in the Staff Mess

Camp Chief's Reception in the Castle

Dave Anderson, Pat Elrick 
and Wendy Anderson

Canadian Leaders

Gibraltar Leaders

The Jamborette Closes...

Finally, it was Thursday night, and time for the closing ceremony. We all filed up onto the campfire field for the last time, and after an enjoyable campfire, the flags were lowered and banners raised. 

The Camp Chief addressed the group, and handed out packets of white heather to each of the overseas contingents. 


Finally, candles were lit across the field. As the Blair Atholl song was sung, the field was filled with light, and then the candles were extinguished - the Jamborette was over. 


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