Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2006 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 3 - July 13th - London and Woolwich

Our day started with breakfast at B-P House, then an Underground ride to the Tower of London for a tour with one of the Yeoman Warders ("Beefeaters").

When the tour was over, we saw the Crown Jewels, and then each patrol went off on its own for a while to walk around the Tower. 

Left: a guard outside one of the houses inside the Tower precinct. 

From the Tower, we crossed the Thames on Tower Bridge. As medieval as it looks, the bridge actually has a steel frame and was built in Jack the Ripper's time - the late 1880's. 

Our afternoon stop for the day was Firepower - the Royal Artillery Museum at Woolwich Arsenal. The tour started with a great multimedia show, with explosions, smoke, video and sound that shook the floor. Then we went through the two huge buildings full of artillery of all sorts from ancient Chinese mortars shaped like lions through modern missiles and mobile howitzers.  The Scouts enjoyed the museum so much we canceled our plans to visit Greenwich so we could spend the entire afternoon at Firepower. 

By the way, the famous Arsenal Football team started at this Royal Arsenal. 

Right: Ready, Aim, Fire! 

Left: The Bunny Gun. How did they load the bunnies into the gun? Or was that cannon for shooting bunnies? Actually, it was named after a General Bunny, which seems a particularly un-warlike name for a general. Seems like he'd have changed his name for professional reasons... 

Below: John and Matt and a bronze French cannon.

In the evening we saw a performance of Coriolanus at the Globe Theatre. We had Groundling tickets, which put us right at the edge of the stage. The actors ran up and down runways right through the audience - you couldn't have been closer. 

Above: the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern
Right: Pete and Joe and one of the ushers at the Globe

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