Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2006 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 5 - July 15th - York, England

As in previous Jamborettes since 1998, we stayed in the Lord Mayor's Own (York) Scout Group's Scout Hall, just outside Bootham Bar - the gate in York's city wall nearest to the Minster. The Group's leader, Tony Wilcock, met us at the train station and carried our larger bags over to the hall in his car, while we hiked over the with the rest of the gear. Bright and early Saturday morning we walked through Bootham Bar into the medieval City of York. The winding streets were nearly deserted as we walked to breakfast. 
After breakfast we crossed the city to DIG!, the new archeological education center inside the former St. Saviour's Church. The Scouts got an introduction to archeological techniques, then "excavated" four simulated digs into Roman, Viking, medieval and Victorian York. Afterward they were able to handle actual artifacts and view the displays and (of course) the gift shop. 
From DIG! we walked over to York Minster, the largest Gothic church north of the Alps. We toured the interior of the church, then the Scouts and the two younger leaders climbed the central tower for a great view of the City. 


Right: David and one 
of the Minster deacons

After a great Italian lunch, the patrols were set loose for an hour or so to look into all the gift shops in the Shambles, the narrow street housing the old butcher's district. 
From the Shambles, we went up onto the medieval city walls for a walk from Monk Bar to Bootham Bar. We passed some Japanese tourists who insisted on getting a group portrait with our Scouts. 

A horse-drawn carriage tour of York provided a restful break. 

John, Nick, Matt, Matt, Jerry and Jon in the horse cart. 

At right is the most subdued McDonald's in the world...

We went back to the Scout hall so the Scouts could drop off their bags, then took the Dame Judi Dench walk along the Ouse River back into the City for dinner. 
After dinner we met the Ghost Detective for an evening Ghost Walk through the Shambles and other parts of the City. Everyone enjoyed the walk immensely, and afterward the the Detective assured us that of all of the groups he had led through the City we were definitely the most recent. 

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