Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2006 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Picture Gallery - 5

Country Fair

Gibraltar Scouts - La Bamba!

Splat the Scot...

John takes his turn

Pancakes were a hit, in many varieties

Copies of the classic comics Beano and The Dandy

BSA Hiawatha-Seaway (New York) with Salt Potatoes

BSA Monterey (California) - panning for gold

Angus (Scotland) 

Canada (obviously...)

Norwegian Crafts

Irish Candy

BSA Maryland - crab chips

Chocolate covered fruit at this stand

Gibraltar Scouts - La Bamba

Bulgarian Scouts

La Bamba, Scots style

More La Bamba

Japanese Scouts

Shows and Entertainment

Scottish piper

Hong Kong recorder

Scottish dancers

Austrian dancers

Norwegian singers

Danish dancers

Irish singers

Russian singers and accordionist

More pipers

Japanese dancers

BSA Connecticut - "Boomwhackers"

Scottish fling... pairs

Pacific Explorer Scouts from Vancouver Island, Canada

Polish dancers


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