Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2006 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6


The Jamborette Staff
without whom, it couldn't happen at all...

Often seen, but seldom noticed - "thanks!" to the Site Services Crew, who kept everything working!

Subcamp Uncles

Climbing Wall crew

Gulf Ridge Council BSA

Scottish Commissioner Eleanor Lyall

Bob from Hiawatha-Seaway BSA, with friend.

Ann, Pat and Stuart at Subcamp Supper

BSA leaders from Florida and Illinois

Gordon at Electronics

Staff Mess line

Staff Stomp! 

Unseen, but essential - the kitchen staff

Cooking for subcamp Scouts

Staff Quizmaster Ken and helper
The Staff Burns Supper

Piping in the Haggis

Ode to a Haggis

Program Chair Stuart Imrie, Chief Scout Peter Duncan
and Scottish Commissioner Eleanor Lyall

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - yumm!

Gibraltar leaders

Chief Scout Peter Duncan with B-P Council BSA patch

Show crew

Baldrick the Garden Gnome and his bride from the Staff Club
... and I remember when he was just a log...

The Jamborette Closes...

Finally, the ten days of the Jamborette were over. We gathered one last time on the campfire field for the closing campfire and ceremony. 

Time for one last cheer from each subcamp...

A few songs were sung.

Some were old...

...and some were new.

The Camp Chief gave each leader a piece of 
Scottish white heather for everyone in the contingent, 
to ensure that we'd all be back someday...

The national flags were lowered for the last time...

...and replaced by banners. 

The uncles used torches to light candles in the front of the group...

... and the flames were passed around until they covered the hill.

And to the sound of the "Blair Atholl Hymn", the candles were blown out from one side of the hill to the other...

...and pipers piped a silent camp back to their tents. 

And it was all over... until next time. 


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