Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2008 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 5 - July 20th - Stonehaven and Stirling

Our fifth day of touring started at Dunnottar Castle, perched on a rocky outcrop 
overlooking the North Sea just south of Stonehaven. The ruined castle is incredibly impressive
and more than a bit spooky. It was destroyed by Cromwell during the Civil War in the mid-1600's.
During this siege, the Crown Jewels of Scotland were spirited out of the castle under 
the dress of the commander's wife. 

It's a long walk out to Dunnottar, down into a valley and back up to the Castle gate. Certainly makes you appreciate what it might have been like for an attacking force. 

Alec in the barracks block.

Shoreline at Dunnottar, looking north toward Stonehaven

View from the tower

The Smithy

A baby gull, still with its down. What perfect camouflage!
I didn't notice the chick until I'd nearly stumbled over it. 

The Whig's Vault - in 1685, 122 men and 45 women, all Covenanters, were held in this small vault for nearly two months for opposing the King's attempt to assert authority over the Scottish church. Fifteen were captured after an escape attempt and tortured. The rest were transported to the West Indies.

The Chapel

Brad on the Tower

From Dunnottar we made the short drive back into Stonehaven for a day at the Highland Games. 

Shot Put

"You take the high road..." - the Scouts walking to the Games. 

Watching someone toss the caber is really amazing... 

... and doing it obviously takes a great deal of effort

Throwing a 26 pound weight over a bar 16 feet up takes lots of strength and coordination. This competitor just missed on this attempt, but he did make sixteen feet on his next try. Incredible!

Here's his last try, attempting unsuccessfully to beat his own record of sixteen feet eight inches. 

Everyone gets to compete - all you have to do is buy an admission, and dress appropriately for Highland events. Even the local kids competed in some of the track and field events. 

I never realized tug of war could be so exciting, when towns
competed for the cup. They'd just stay very still for minutes on
end, and then suddenly one side would pull... 

The day ended at Stirling, and a climb up the Wallace Monument. The view is spectacular, overlooking
the site of Stirling Bridge and Braveheart's greatest victory over the English. 

The Wallace Monument

Stirling Castle

William Wallace himself

We finished at Stirling in the late afternoon, and headed down to Edinburgh. 
Our next two nights we'd be staying in the 88th Haymarket Scout Group's scout hall
in eastern Edinburgh. 


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