Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2008 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 1
Camp Life

B-P Council Scouts checking in at the beginning of the Jamborette

Each day ends with Flag Down

A patrol site

Rest time's a good time to get out the guitar...

... or throw a ball around

One night, the subcamps host the staff "cousins" at supper. 
Subcamp Uncle Nils serenades the assembled Scouts and cousins...

Subcamp Supper at MacLean subcamp

Each patrol site has a raised fireplace, tables and shelter from the "Sweet Scottish Rain". 

Weird weather - the camp was surrounded by lenticular clouds for a whole day. On the rainiest summer in the UK since 1927, we got good weather for the first week. "Blair Atholl Sun", indeed. 

The camp from the Hercules Garden path.

The X-shaped Kross from former camps became the U-shaped Kastle this time - either way, it's the heart of the Jamborette, housing the Kafe, Bank, Post Office, Scout Shop, Activity Office and many activities.. 

The Six Subcamps






Stewart - the name is the gateway!

View of Atholl and the camp from the top of Blair Castle's tower.

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