Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the 
2008 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 3
Daily Activities

Climb up the Wall...

...and abseil (rappel) down.


Circus techniques

Making Woggles

Living History - how they lived and dressed in olden times...

...and a medieval-looking group they are, too.

Electronics - making flashing woggles

Carting - Scouts assemble carts, then ride them down the slope.

Touring Blair Castle (the real Castle, not the Kastle...)

First Aid


More Crafts


Keltic Konnection - plaster molding Celtic chessmen

Tile Painting

Decorating rocks


"Global Development" activity on the refugee experience


Just for fun... beanbag fights on teeter-totters

Circus Skills  - baton twirling

More daily activities coming up... 

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