Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2008 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 4
Daily Activities

The Atholl Experience - a challenge course with lots of mud...

Enter the Experience through the mouth of the Mighty Blair...

... and through a long tube...

"You're not wet enough!"

Across a rope course through the woods

Down a muddy slide... it's all good, wet, dirty fun!

Country Crafts - the "Bodger's Lathe" (treadle powered bow lathe)

Country Crafts - Rope Making

Mountain Boarding

Human Foosball

Kastle Kurrents - the camp daily newspaper


Celtic cross

Ready, steady, cook!...

... Iron Chef, Blair Atholl style.

The Staff

The Quartermasters work behind the scenes to get the next day's food ready for the patrols to pick up

The Activities Office coordinates all the day's activities for the Scouts

Taking a well-earned break

The staff cooks for the subcamps for Sunday supper.

The Staff Mess staff - once again, the food was great!

Staff Burns Supper - piping in...

...the Haggis

Staff Meeting

The Activities Staff leaders

The Camp Chief's Reception

After the Scouts left, and camp was torn down, the Camp Chief hosted a reception at the Blair Castle ballroom. It's about the only time you really got to appreciate how many people it takes to make the Jamborette happen. 


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