Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2008 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6
The Athollantics and Closing Campfire

The Jamborette ends with a bang - the campwide games known as the "Atholantics". The subcamps break up into teams, and each team competes against a team from another subcamp at each of nearly three dozen activities. The whole camp is swarming with Scouts rotating from one game to another...

Wellie Toss relay

Stilt race

Bridge Crossing

Log Carry

In this game, each patrol had to cross over a table without touching it. 

Each patrol came up with its own method...

Obstacle Course Relay - between poles...

...over poles...

...through nets, and so on...

Jump over spinning rope

Wheelbarrow race

Water Slide Relay

Cross rope bridge carrying water balloon...

Hammer and Nail

In this event, the patrol had to form as many letters as possible in the allotted time. This patrol made it from A (left) to "R" (above)

Fill a tub with water, using only things you have on you at the time...
lots of wet shoes and wrung-out shirts

Another Obstacle Relay - over and under tables

Four Person Sack Race

Caber Toss

Evidently no one warned this Scout it wasn't a Caber Catch - oops!



Get the flag up as high as possible

Water Pass Relay

In this challenge, the patrol had to pick up an entire rope in a coil without dropping each other's hands. Almost every patrol did the obvious - pick up one end of the rope and pass it hand-to-hand until it's all coiled up. 

This patrol had the most clever solution - sit down and pick up the coil in one piece with your feet!

Here, the patrol has to cross the field on folding chairs.

Scoring - after each event, one Scout ran a "win", "lose" or "draw" ticket to their subcamp's box, and the scorers tallied up the score. 

The Closing Campfire

All good things must end, and so it is with the Jamborette. Our luck with the weather ran out after the Athollantics, and once again it began to rain. In just two hours, the events staff reorganized the Kastle and when campfire time came, it was ready to go in the center courtyard, with the Scouts safe and dry inside the tents on each side. We went through the usual campfire program, with songs and action skits, and Camp Chief John Kennedy gave each contingent a package of White Heather to distribute to the Scouts. 
Finally, each Scout and leader lit a candle, and the Blair Atholl hymn was sung for the last time...

As Chief Kennedy walked his torch past the camp, the candles were extinguished, and the Jamborette was over.

By the next afternoon, it was all gone... just a ghost camp showing in the grass...

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