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2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

After the Jamborette

Once the Jamborette was over, the Scouts each went home with a Scottish Scout for four days of home visitation. Pete also chose home visitation, Mike went off with his wife and Jerry and I rented a car and drove west from Blair Atholl to the Isle of Islay (pronounced "Eye-Lah"), then back to meet the group in Glasgow for the flight home. 

Here are a selection of pictures from our after-Jamborette touring. 

Bowmore Harbor on Islay

The Round Church stands at the head of the main street of Bowmore. It's said that the church was build round so that there would not be any corners for the devil to hide in.

Islay is generally flat - so much so that from Bowmore harbor on the west coast, you can see the Paps of Jura on the next island to the east. 

Bowmore Distillery - one of seven on Islay. 

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

The Paps of Jura from the ferry to Islay

Carraig Fhada lighthouse, Islay

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow re-opened in 2006 after a multi-year renovation. This hall is filled with an exhibit called "Expressions"

Islay has a number of Celtic Crosses, many over 1,000 years old. This one at Kildalton dates from around 800CE

Kilnave Church on Islay

Kilnave Cross - mid 8th century

Laphroaig Distillery on Islay

Saligo Bay, on the west coast of Islay, was the site of one of the stations of the Chain Home radar system during WWII

Port Ellen, Islay

The village of Tarbert is at the head of the Mull of Kintyre


Tarbert Harbor

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