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2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 1 - July 13th - Glasgow to Mull

We started our day's touring the day before - flying from Ithaca to Philadelphia for our USAirways flight to Glasgow. The next morning, we arrived in Scotland and picked up our wheels: two Mercedes Vito 9-passenger people movers. The first stop was Oban, to pick up the ferry to the Isle of Mull. 

The forty-five minute ride from Oban to Mull gives great views along the Sound of Mull - and a chance for a quick card game.

Tobermory is the capital of the Isle of Mull. The village clusters around the harbor where legend says a Spanish galleon full of gold sank many years ago. The colorful buildings are quite distinctive. 
After exploring Tobermory for a while, we set out on a hike to Tobermory Lighthouse. The path follows the coast north and east from Tobermory, giving beautiful views across the water. 


After dinner in Tobermory we drove around the north end of Mull back to our hostel in Salen. 

A path at Kilmore Hill led to a spectacular overlook. 

The Killmore Standing Stones now stand in a clearing in the forest near Dervaig. When they were raised during the Bronze Age (2100-750BCE) they would have been aligned toward sunrise at midwinter. 

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