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2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 2 - July 14th - Isle of Mull to Inverary

Our second day on Mull turned out to be dull and grey, with low clouds. We started out by walking to the 13th century Aros Castle, near Salen, just across an inlet from our hostel. The view from Aros Castle looks out over the Sound of Mull to the mainland of Scotland. 

There's not a whole lot left of Aros Castle - just a few walls and lots of tumbled stones. It started to rain as we left the castle. 
Our next stop was Duart Castle, also 13th century in origin, but as the seat of Clan MacLean, it has remained in good condition. The skies opened up as we reached Duart, which made the existence of roofs and windows very welcome. 

Lord MacLean was Chief Scout of the UK for more than twenty years, so there's an exhibit on Scouting on the top floor. 

The scones at the castle gift shop were really good, by the way. 

The battlements are open for a spectacular view. 

Eilean Musdile Light on the Sound of Mull, from Duart Castle.
We took the 1:00 ferry from Mull back to Oban, and drove south toward Inverary. Along the way, the view across Loch Awe to Kilchurn Castle (left) offered a Kodak moment. 
Inverary Jail offered an interesting look into crime and punishment in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
A warder at Inverary Jail gave us a brief introduction

A barrister and his (somewhat inebriated) client meets David

The courtroom at Inverary Jail gave the Scouts a chance to sit in on a trial or two

We were offered an hour's freedom in the Recreation Cell, but were let out in a few minutes for good behaviour.

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