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2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 7 - July 19th - Edinburgh

Our first stop was Edinburgh Castle, for a guided tour (above) and a visit to the War Memorial and dungeons (left). 

After lunch at the Haggis Cafe (haggis pizza is surprisingly good, but Mike H thought haggis in a chef's salad was a bit much), we visited the Camera Obscura. The Camera itself is a Victorian oddity - a periscope which displays images from the top of the tower onto a white bowl-shaped table (above). The visual tour of Edinburgh includes the ever-popular tourist swatting. 
The rest of the building is full of optical miscellany. Here, Theo shakes hands with a real image of himself in a spherical mirror.

Self-portrait in Infra Red Thermal Scan. I'm the one on the right.

One of this year's new attractions at the Camera Obscura is a path through a rotating tunnel of lights. The path doesn't move at all, but you lurch on through, convinced that the world is moving under your feet. It's really spooky, and everyone had to try several times.
Our Dynamic Earth is located at the foot of the Royal Mile, next to the Scottish Parliament. It's an exhibition on the evolution of the Earth and its environments. 

This glacier has been building for a decade, condensing the moisture from the air (mostly visitor's breath) into a giant ice block. 

The Scouts visit Greyfriars Bobby's grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard. 

We ended our day with an underground walk through Mary King's Close, a street which was roofed over when the City Chambers were built, forming a time capsule of the Plague Years.  

At right, the Balmoral Hotel in the evening twilight as we walked back to pick up our bus home. The clock tower is a landmark in Edinburgh. The clock is kept two minutes fast, so that people won't miss their trains at Waverly Station next door. 

Tuesday morning, we were picked up by coach and taken to Blair Atholl - on to the Jamborette!

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