Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Camp Views

The Blair Atholl Jamborette from the Hercules Garden overlook. 

The day begins with the flag raising. Everyone steps outside and faces the flagpoles as the flags are raised - the Union Flag, World Scout flag and UK Scout flag on the main flagpoles, plus flags at each campsite. A national flag from each country at the Jamborette is also raised by Scouts from that country on a row of poles overlooking the camp. 

Scouts raising the national flags.

The camp is organized into six subcamps: 







Within the circular subcamps, each mixed Scottish/international patrol occupies a slice of the circle. Patrols have a covered dining table with a raised cook fire, and a few tents for sleeping and gear. 

Our Scouts in their campsite.

The moon rises over camp - after 10:30PM

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