Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the 
2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Daily Activities

The Scouts participated in a wide variety of activities on six days of the Jamborette - Wednesday to Friday of the first week, and Monday to Wednesday of the second week. Most activities ran for two hours in the morning or afternoon, although some took all day or even ran overnight. 

As always, the Atholl Experience was a great (and very very muddy) hit with the Scouts. 

Scouts could ride mountain bikes over an obstacle course, or take road bikes on treks into the highlands for a day or overnight.

These German Scouts were making cats' cradles in Crafts (do they call them cat's cradles in German?)

Learning juggling in Circus Techniques

The camp featured a climbing wall with simulated rocks.

Touche! - the fencing activity

Painting glasses in Crafts

In Electronics, Scouts make flashing woggles (neckerchief slides). 

Extreme First Aid - Scouts learn back-country first aid and CPR

Theatre Techniques - these Scouts are doing "The complete Harry Potter in two minutes"


Backcountry Crafts - in this case, David from the B-P group tries out the bow lathe.

Scouts could take a tour of Blair Castle.
Here, two Japanese Scouts in the Ballroom

Danish Scouts in the China Room 

2010 was the first year Scouts from Namibia attended the Blair Atholl Jamborette. Here, the Namibian patrol poses at the Castle Ballroom.

The Explorer Trek is reserved for Scouts who are at least 16 years old. They drive hovercrafts, hike, and camp at an outpost in the highlands. 

Explorers hike into the outpost camp.

More theatre - A Bus Named Blair? Something like that...


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