Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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In and Around Blair Atholl - Staff

Just a short walk from the Castle, and you're in spectacular countryside on the edge of the Highlands. 

Swans and the reflecting pool at the Hercules Garden. 

Blair Castle

Tea (dinner) in the Staff Mess

The People who make it all possible...
The Jamborette Staff

As usual, I can't say enough about the Scottish staff at the Jamborette. They did a great job organizing the event, and always had a "Plan B" if something went pear shaped...

We overseas leaders were assigned jobs throughout the Jamborette - as in years past, I led Castle tours, Jerry did Electronics and Pete got muddy at the Atholl Experience. Our first-timer Mike Homrighaus worked in Administration, doing the necessary behind the scenes stuff, and making sure that all of the Scouts made it home for visitation and back. 

The Burns Supper - piping in the haggis

The keynote speaker at the Burns Supper - a scholarly analysis of Burns' Tam O'Shanter - which of course couldn't possibly be allowed to continue more than two lines before it was interrupted by a shout of "BOring" and a counter-recitation of To a Mouse, which was, in turn, interrupted by To a Louse... and the general amusement of everyone. 

After the Scouts went home, and the camp was (mostly) dismantled, the staff gathered in the Ballroom for the Camp Chief's Reception.

Namibian National Commissioner and Ken 

This year was John Kennedy's last as Camp Chief, after holding the post since 1998. John received the Silver Wolf (equivalent to our Silver Antelope) at the Scouts' Own, and was given a number of gifts at the reception. 

The top staff of the Jamborette. 


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