Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Country Fair and Entertainment

Saturday afternoon each contingent has a booth at the Country Fair, presenting something representative of their country or region of Scotland. Visitors buy Atholls to spend at the booths, while each group is given a starting bankroll for half the contingent to spend. They go off and spend the Atholls at other booths, then they run the booths while the other half of the contingent spends the Atholls they collected, and so on. At the end of the Country Fair hyper-inflation hits and Atholls are worthless, so spend 'em quick!

The international flavor of Blair Atholl - how many countries can one Scout encompass?

Hockey, courtesy of a Canadian contingent (of course)

Danish food

Hong Kong Scouts with food and calligraphy

In addition to Namibia, there was another new exotic country represented at Blair Atholl 2010 - England. Yes, the English were considered "International" (the Northern Irish are considered "Scots", though).

Japanese Food

Norwegian pancakes

Scottish Shortbread

Northern Irish darts (note the saffron kilt)

Tossing the caber...

...and the sponge.

The B-P Council contingent made spiedies - marinated chicken on a skewer - a central New York variation on shish-kabob

More darts, American this time.

Funnel cakes from Maryland

The Texas Longhorn Council had a calf roping booth.

International Entertainment

Many of the Scouts did performances of different kinds at an "International Showcase" show in the Kastle. Some of them also reprised their performances in the Staff Club. 

Hong Kong Scouts dancing.

Austrian dancing

Danish Scouts

Canadian Scouts from Vancouver

Scouts do a Danish boot dance

Japanese Scout dancers

This Scout was a very talented magician - as he said (over and over), "Perfect!"

Two Scottish dancers doing an up-tempo Highland Fling.



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