Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2010 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6
Athollantics and Closing

The main activity on the last Thursday of the Jamborette is the inter-subcamp competition - the Athollantics. Small groups from different subcamp compete head-to-head at each of thirty-six stations on a five-minute rotation. It looks like chaos, but it works.  

Pass a ball down the group...

... or down a split pipe.

Cross the field on a bridge - and bring the bridge with you.

Toss the Birdie...

... or the caber.

Build a pyramid.

Leapfrog over the group.

Lift a log... 

... or carry it. 

Pass the entire group through a rope loop...

... or an A4 piece of paper.

In this relay, Scouts did piggyback and wheelbarrow races.

Push a ball around a course.

Run down to the end, turn around the bat six times fast, and then run (stagger) back again...

One Scout runs down and back, joins hands with another. Two run down and back, join hands with a third. Three run...

Four person sack race.

There were different obstacle courses over and under tables and benches. 

Carry a ball up a hill, then slide down a soapy tarp.

The uncles cheer on their subcamps. 

The ever-popular "Wellie Toss"

Closing Campfire

The Jamborette ended with a final campwide campfire. 

The campfire ended with a candle ceremony. The uncles lit torches from the campfire, then carried the flame to their subcamps to light the Scouts' candles, until the campfire slope was covered in light...

As the Blair Atholl Hymn was sung, the candle light was shared, and then, as the Chief walked across, the candles were extinguished from one side of the field to the other.

And then, it was over... and there were just the ghosts of subcamps in the grass...

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