Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 3 - July 12th - Stirling

Stirling is just a short drive from Glasgow, 45 minutes or less. We arrived bright and early at Stirling Castle, standing on its volcanic rock overlooking the town and the Forth River valley. 

The Castle's Outer Close, with the Royal Palace straight ahead on the left and the golden limewashed Great Hall to its right. 

The statue of Robert the Bruce looks out to the William Wallace Memorial on the distant hill across the Forth. 

The imposing Gatehouse bars entry into the Castle.

Our group in front of the Gatehouse

Looking out from the Castle works.

Panoramic view over Stirling from the Castle.

Our tour guide was very entertaining, as always. 

Does the Guide to Safe Scouting say anything about cannons?

The newly restored Private Apartments in the Royal Palace, opened this year, include the Presence Chamber with the "Stirling Heads" on the ceiling. 

One of the servants in the Apartments spoke to the Scouts about what they might expect to eat when they joined the King at his banquet. The newly invented "forks" might even be used, who knows?

Duncan and Warren at the head table in the Great Hall

Lunch at the Stirling Castle cafe. 

The Stirling Old Town Jail is just down the hill from the Castle. Andrew and Duncan check out the ledger to see if their names are in it...

The Jail tour ends on the roof, for another great view of Stirling. 

After dinner the patrols split up to follow the clues in a Treasure Trail around the Stirling Old Town.
Our day ended with warm hospitality from the 7th Beechwood Scout Group at their great Scout hall just out of town. Thanks!

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