Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 5 - July 14th - The Great Glen

Urquhart Castle has stood on its promontory overlooking Loch Ness since the 13th century. 

After seeing a short movie on the castle in the visitor centre, the curtains pull back to show this panorama of the castle and the loch.

Joe was our Instant Expert for the castle, and let the Scouts know what we'd be seeing as we waited in the car park for the castle to open. 

The Scouts entering the castle through the ruined gatehouse.

Justyn, Andrew and Aidan going through one of the towers. 

Justyn tries out a Claymore sword offered by a Castle staff member as Aidan waits for his turn. The two-handed medieval sword was truly a fearsome weapon.

After lunch we visited the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition, which scientifically proved there couldn't be a Monster - before ending at the gift shop, where you could buy them in every possible size and color.

Our next stop was Culloden Battlefield for their "In the Footsteps of the Prince" program. The Scouts started out doing some role playing, here as a group of the King's Redcoats. 

"Lady Lude", the Jacobite who fired the first shot at the siege of Blair Castle, and three "Jacobites".

"Hurrah for the Prince and the True King!"

Andrew and Butcher Cumberland, suspiciously friendly...

We then went out on a guided tour of the battlefield. 

Our Scouts at the Memorial Cairn. 

Back in the museum, the Scouts were given the opportunity to hold 18th century weaponry, including this Brown Bess musket, as well as a sword and targe. 

After Culloden we stopped off at the Clava Cairns, a group of prehistoric burial mounds just a few miles away.

The Cairns complex was built about 4,000 years ago. 
We drove from Clava Cairns to St. Andrews, with a stop for a great Indian dinner at Pitlochry. 

That let us arrive in St. Andrews early enough to enjoy the sunset over St. Andrews Castle. 

The Scouts relaxed in the 8th Fife Scout Group's Scout Hall on the waterfront, halfway between the castle and the cathedral (and thanks to them for the use of it!)...

... while Andrew, Pete and I walked into town to pick up juice, milk and cereal for breakfast for the next day. 

The West Sands at sunset - the beach-running scene in Chariots of Fire was filmed here. 

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