Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Camp Views

The Jamborette camp is divided up into six circular subcamps. 

MacDonald Subcamp

McLean Subcamp

Morrison Subcamp

Murray Subcamp

Robertson Subcamp

Stewart Subcamp

McLean Subcamp in formation

Each patrol, composed of half Scottish and half International Scouts, has its own slice of the subcamp "pie". 

The patrols have tarp-covered tables for cooking and eating. 

Morrison Subcamp

Hanging out the washing.

Flags of each country overlook the camp.

Each morning, two Scouts from each country raise their flag.

Robertson Subcamp

Sunset over the Jamborette

Flag Down - the main camp flags are lowered each evening

Always time for a game in camp.

Blair Castle is used as a waypoint for training RAF pilots, so at least once each day we were treated to the sight of low-flying Hercules transports...

... or Tornado jets.

The Kastle provided home to the Kafe, Bank, Post Office, Scout Shop, and room for many activities and evening entertainments. 

The Reception staff is always prepared to welcome visitors to camp.

On Sunday evening the staff serves a barbeque to the Scouts and Satellite Campers in the subcamps. 

Morning Inspection

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