Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 2

The contingents were encouraged to have Scouts perform something representative of their countries at the Jamborette. 
The Scouts performed at campfires, at the Staff Club and in an International Show at the Kastle. 

Pacific Explorer Scouts from British Columbia, Canada, do a square dance...

...and build a human pyramid. 

Scout dancers

This Canadian Scout sang two very funny songs by the Canadian group "the Arrogant Worms" - "I am cow" and "Canada is really big"

Gibraltar Sea Scouts did their traditional "Bamba", and got the rest of the Scouts up dancing with them. 

They did the same at the Staff Club a bit later that night.

Hong Kong Scouts danced and demonstrated martial arts

This Canadian magician's audience volunteer appears to be having second thoughts. 

Russian Scouts did a song. In Russian, of course, so I have no idea what it was about, other than wearing their neckies as babushkas. 

The South African Scouts and Steven, their leader, taught the Scouts an African Dance. They got most of the audience and staff up and dancing with them.

BSA Scouts from Connecticut Yankee Council sang and played tuned plastic tubes - a/k/a "Boomwhackers"

Central New York contributed two singers: Aidan, who was in our contingent...

...and his sister Callie, who was with Longhouse Council's contingent.

Japanese Scouts did a very athletic dance

Scottish piper

Jack Barry, who was in charge of the entertainment, heard this very talented Scottish Scout singing in a subcamp and convinced her to perform in the Staff Club. 

Scottish Scout singers - probably easier to memorize the words, but if you've got a book...

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