Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the 
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Daily Activities

The daily activities run two sessions a day for six days of the Jamborette - Wednesday through Friday of the first week, then Monday through Wednesday of the second week. Some activities run all day, but most often the Scouts can choose two activities to take part in each day. They collect sticky badges in their guidebooks at each activity, and when a Scout has collected sufficient stickies, he or she earns the "White Cockade" patch. 


Art Attack! - sculpting life-size Uncles

Off to the Atholl Experience - run!

The Atholl Experience teams compete in a tug 'o war.

Atholl Experience participants follow a rope trail through the woods.

"You're not muddy enough!"

Somehow, for the Atholl Experience, no one is ever muddy enough...

Blair Aktor - theatre techniques and other strange stuff

Bike ride into the Highlands
Scouts can take day rides, or bike overnight to a bothy. 

Once again, my job at the Jamborette was to lead tours of Blair Castle. 
The tours go through about thirty rooms, and end at the Ballroom. 

Scouts can try costumes in a dress-up box in the Ballroom.

One of my Castle Tour groups, including Spencer, Gabe, Josh and Chris from our contingent.

Blair Roots gave Scouts a chance to make foods and candles from natural ingredients they gathered. 

Dookin 'n See is led by a selection of leaders from different contingents, exploring the cultures of each of their countries. 

Circus Techniques give the Scouts a chance to try baton twirling...

...Diablo flipping...


... and plate balancing, among other useful talents. 

Backwoods cooking leads to...

...backwoods eating, always a hit.

Crafts: lacing

Crafts: glass engraving

Country Crafts: the Bodger's Lathe

A new activity this year - Radio Blair, broadcasting over the in-camp network a few times each day.


Sports: football

Extreme First Aid

Gorge walking - the Scouts walk up the River Garry gorge, mostly in the river.

Another new activity- iBuild, where the Scouts built remote amplified speakers for their MP3 players.

As with bike hikes, Scouts could choose day or overnight hikes on foot. 

The Scouts put out Kastle Kurrents, the daily camp newspaper

Martial Arts

"Ninja" game

Mountain Biking

All-terrain Mountainboarding - sitting...

...and, for the more adventurous, standing.

Country Crafts: rope making

Sports: volleyball

On the Wall, Scouts could climb using ice axes...

...or blindfolded.

At the top of the wall, Scouts could go on to a log on ropes. 

What goes up, must come down - by abseiling (rappelling, to us Americans)


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