Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Around Blair Atholl

Blair Castle, on one of the rainy days early in the Jamborette. The castle as we see it today represents more than 700 years of evolution. The oldest part of the castle, Comyn's Tower (the part directly behind the blue machine) dates to the 13th century. The section to its left was built in the 16th century, and the Private Apartments with the clock tower to the 18th. The front hall and ballroom were built in the 19th century, and the restaurant/gift shop on the far right was completed in the 21st century. 

Allt Slanaidh towers over Blair Atholl, always visible (when low clouds permit) on the western horizon from the camp. 

Banvie Burn runs between the castle and our camp on Target Field.

Blair Atholl Watermill stands in Blair Atholl village, a short walk from camp.

Restored in the 1980's, the Mill still grinds flour by water power. The bakery in the Mill provides delicious baked goods for the Mill coffee shop. Try the fresh-baked scones, they're great. 

Blair Atholl Staff

Of course, the Jamborette couldn't happen without the staff - Scottish and International - who made the whole event possible. We International leaders arrived on Tuesday with our Scouts, but the Scots had been there since Saturday or even earlier, getting the camp set up and ready for us to move in. 

There's always a cup of coffee or tea on offer in the Staff Club. 

Evening programs in the Staff Club include a quiz, which is very popular. 

Bob Moyes, master of ceremonies for Staff Club evening entertainment... 

... which includes poetic recitations. 

Poems included one about... umm... excess intestinal gas, complete with translation from the Scots.

Many staff members contributed musical performances. 

Usually unseen, the Site Services crew did their usual yeoman job collecting trash, fixing blocked bogs and generally keeping everything going. 

The Staff Mess crew provided their usual excellent food...

... and the rest of the staff helped by washing up after meals. 

The Scottish National Commissioner held a reception for the International Staff. 

National Commissioner Graham Haddock.

On June 25th a traditional Burns Supper was put on for both Scouts and Staff. The Staff Burns Supper took place in a transformed Staff Mess.  

The haggis was ceremonially piped in. 

Speeches were given, including one on "Rabbie Burns and Baden-Powell".

At the end of the Jamborette, after the Scouts left, Camp Chief Andrew Sharkey held a reception in the Blair Castle Ballroom. 

Chief Sharkey presents awards to Bruce McLaren and John Kennedy.

Uncle Bruce and the Gibraltar leaders

One last chance for a group photo.

After the reception, the Staff Dinner. 

Chief Sharkey offered some final remarks at the Dinner, and the Jamborette was over.. until the Ceilidh afterwards, anyway.

"Remember Scout Camping? That's what we've been doing for the last ten days..."


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