Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Country Fair

On Saturday, the Jamborette opens up for Visitor Day and the Satellite Camp for younger Scouts is in full swing across the Castle road. So, when the Country Fair starts in the afternoon, there's a real crowd on hand to see what the various contingents have to offer. Each overseas contingent, and most Scottish groups, had booths at which they either sold something (usually edible) which is representative of their country or region, or had a game for the visitors to play. Our contingent sold "spiedies", roasted meat (lamb, this time) on a skewer to a recipe originated in Binghamton, NY. 

The national currency for the Country Fair is the Atholl, issued by the Bank of Scoutland especially for the Fair. Visitors buy Atholls, and each contingent is issued a quantity at the beginning of the Fair. While half the contingent goes off to spend their Atholls, the other half runs their booth collecting more Atholls. Every once in a while, the groups switch off, and money flows... Spend it quick, because at the end of the Fair the exchange rate drops to zero.

Connecticut Yankee Council BSA sold something fried. Too bad they couldn't find any really brightly colored shirts for their contingent. 

BSA Scouts from Georgia sold boiled peanuts.

Longhouse Council BSA (Syracuse, NY) 

Longhorn Council BSA from Texas offered steer roping, of course.

Maryland BSA Scouts had funnel cakes.

The Texans also did branding, to go with the roping.

Pacific Explorer Scouts from British Columbia had desserts with Canadian flags.

This booth sold skin decals. 

Gibraltar Sea Scouts' both had a card game played with darts.

These Scottish Scouts were selling pancakes - as were many other groups, in every possible variation on the theme "pancake". 

Japanese Scouts sold teriyaki chicken.

Austrian Scouts selling... pancakes. 

Northern Irish Scouts with an Irish drink and something in a bowl.

Of course, when you have Scouts you have patch trading.

Norwegian Scouts made... pancakes. 

Russian Scouts sold something in a bowl (I really have to start taking notes).

Bonnyrigg Scouts had lollipops in grab bags.

The Scouts from Dundee, home of Beano and The Dandy, among other publications, had comic books and other material from the publisher. I picked up a collection of the Broons, a long running and extremely Glaswegian cartoon - as I sat reading it, I think every third Scot asked me (somewhat skeptically) if I could understand it. For the record, yes, I can.

Velcro golf from a Scottish group.

Shortbread with spread from another Scottish group.

This Scottish booth had visitors throwing a Rugby ball at a target.

Racing mechanical hamsters.

Something different from this Scottish group - marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

The Hong Kong Scouts had herbal tea, among other things. 



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