Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6

On the last day of the Jamborette, the subcamps competed in the Athollantics. There were thirty-plus stations through which patrol-sized groups from each subcamp rotated, competing head-to-head with another group for five minutes before rotating on to the next station. 

The subcamps parade into the games field. 

Body Surfing

Body bumping - hop on one foot and try to get the other guy to put his foot down...

...winning is half intimidation, half inertia.

In this game, the Scouts try to pull members of the other team...

 ...against the pole in the middle of the circle to eliminate them.


More Dodgeball

Egg-and-Spoon Race

Duck Duck Goose!

How could you have Scottish games without a caber toss?

Face Off

Football with a giant football.

Get the group into, and out of, a knot

One-handed frisbee toss.

Frisbee target toss - good shot!

Long Jump

Even longer jump!

Kim's Game - named after the character in Kipling's book Kim
this memory game was Baden-Powell's favorite.

The "Lazy Game" - toss tennis balls in a bucket without getting out of your comfy chair. 


... Frog

Neck Ball Pass

Log-carry Relay Race

Crab football (soccer)


Pyramid Building

Who can build the highest?

Rope Jump

More Rope Jump

Sack Race

Water Relay

Over-and-Under Table Relay

Pass the Scout around the Table

Trust Fall

At this height, it really does take some Trust.

The Uncles and their counterparts from the Art Attack activity.

Wellie Toss

Wheelbarrow Race

Tug o' War

Final Scores...

...and the Athollantics is over!

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